I am an experienced psychic medium who gives accurate crime-related and paranormal case readings through a range of my abilities and tools to law enforcement agencies, victim's families, and those experiencing paranormal activity in their homes, public buildings, etc. I have worked on a variety of cases, and the information and impressions I receive can contribute to and energize all manner of cases, especially cold cases, and those involving missing/murdered children.


When we meet:
  • By Phone

  • FaceTime/Skype/Zoom

  • Email

  • In-Person (investigative readings available locally, nationally & internationally. In-person personal readings only available in southern California.)

I utilize my psychic, empathic and mediumship abilities to deliver messages from Spirit: guides, angels, and those who have passed.  I draw upon my different abilities (the "clairs") and other tools, including forensic astrology, to deliver specific information and impressions with accuracy.


Mission: To provide each client with psychic/mediumship information that can be utilised in a practical manner.





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