I am an experienced psychic medium who gives accurate readings through a range of abilities and methodologies to progressive law enforcement agencies. The information and impressions I receive can contribute to and energise all manner of cases, especially cold cases and those involving missing children and teens. 

When we meet:
  • By Phone

  • FaceTime/Skype/Zoom

  • Email

  • In-Person (available locally in southern California; nationally & internationally at requester's expense)

I utilise my natural psychic and mediumship abilities, along with CRV (controlled remote viewing) and forensic astrology to attain specific information and impressions with accuracy. 

If this is your first time working with a psychic medium, please review How to Prepare for A Reading for some basic tips to make the most of your reading experience.


If you are law enforcement, please review the Law Enforcement Agents | Officers section on the Forensic Case Readings page for additional information. Thank you.


Apologies, but personal readings are not available.

If you are considering reaching out to request an exception to that policy,  visit this page for more information.