I am an experienced psychic medium who gives accurate readings through various abilities and methodologies to law enforcement agencies. The information and impressions I receive can contribute to and energise all manner of cases, especially cold cases and those involving missing children and teens. 

When we meet:
  • By Phone

  • FaceTime/Skype/Zoom

  • Email

  • In-Person (available locally in southern California; nationally & internationally at requester's expense)

I utilise my natural psychic and mediumship abilities, along with CRV (controlled remote viewing) and forensic astrology to attain specific information and impressions with accuracy. 

*Personal Tarot/Oracle card readings are now available*


If this is your first time working with a psychic medium, please review How to Prepare for A Reading for some essential tips to make the most of your reading experience.


If you are in law enforcement, please review the Law Enforcement Agents | Officers section on the Forensic Case Readings page for additional information. Thank you.