As of Monday, 23 May 2016, this promotion has been cancelled

What does that mean?

  • I am no longer accepting new appointments using the LivingSocial promotion.

  • All scheduled LivingSocial appointments have been cancelled.

  • You cannot use a LivingSocial voucher to schedule an appointment, and should request a refund ASAP, especially before the voucher expires.

For the "why", please read this



An email and refund will be issued by LivingSocial soon. If you do not receive a refund email from LivingSocial, and you're within the refund eligibility period, you can refund the paid value (the amount of money you spend on a deal) of your voucher without calling LivingSocial.


To Request A Refund Online

  1. Go to LivingSocial

  2. Find the voucher

  3. Click the “Ask for a Refund” button next to your voucher

  4. Your purchase will be refunded within five business days along with a confirmation email. Keep in mind the refund may be with "Deal Bucks", and if that is not acceptable, you'll have to call LivingSocial to dispute that issue.

If you don't see the "Ask for a Refund" button, please contact LivingSocial at 202-400-2100They can be reached from

8 am to 7 pm CT, Monday through Friday 

I will not be issuing refunds personally, since the deal was purchased through LivingSocial.



To request a refund from Groupon due to my unavailability, click HERE  •  612.250.5500 

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