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Paranormal Investigations

A paranormal investigator is a person who investigates, through psychic mediumship abilities, or certain types of equipment, "ghosts, entities from other dimensions, extraterrestrial life, unidentified flying objects, etc."

When I first investigate a location where paranormal activity is present, I do a pre-reading, which is done before I come to the location to see what impressions I receive about the location, the people involved, and what they are experiencing. I will then come to the location (or remote viewing is also available), and determine the cause of the events, and suggest appropriate methods of alleviating or resolving the issue.

If an on-site investigation is not possible, remote viewing can be utilised. Remote Viewing is defined as the ability to acquire accurate information about a distant or non-local place, person, or event without using your physical senses or any other obvious means. It’s associated with the idea of clairvoyance, seemingly being able to spontaneously know something without actually knowing how you got the information. It is also sometimes called “anomalous cognition” or “second sight.”

I am dedicated to helping you understand and cope with paranormal activity by utilizing my psychic mediumship abilities to determine the root cause(s) and to leave you with actions you can take / resources to assist you in bettering or resolving the activity.

If you would like me to provide a reading for a case,
text/call me at 612.250.5500 or email
By scheduling a case reading, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to the Terms & Conditions 

There is NO FEE for paranormal investigation consultations via phone, virtually, or email.

The session usually lasts approximately 1-2 hours. Follow-up consultations are available.

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