Capitol Insurrection Pipe Bomber PART 1: General Forensic Astrology Chart & Psychic Reading

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

On 06 January 2021, hundreds of Trump Loyalists at the behest of Trump stormed the United States Capitol building. The night before the horrific acts of violence and murder that day, an individual placed two pipe bombs in Washington, D.C. One pipe bomb was placed at the headquarters of the Republican National Committee (RNC), and the other was placed at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

"It was around 12:45 p.m. Wednesday when U.S. Capitol Police and agents from the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were called to the Republican National Committee’s office after a pipe bomb was found outside. About 30 minutes later, as the agents and bomb technicians were still investigating at the RNC, another call came in for a second, similar explosive device found at the Democratic National Committee headquarters nearby.

The two explosive devices were very similar, and both were about a foot long with end caps and wiring that appeared to be attached to a timer, according to two law enforcement officials familiar with the matter. Investigators are still examining the devices and their components to determine the specific compounds inside the pipe bombs, but they both appeared to contain an unknown powder and some metal, the officials said." (Balsamo, AP, 2021)

The person is believed to have placed both bombs between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m. ET on 05 Jan. This chart and interpretation are based on the reporting by the Associated Press of the placement of the first bomb at 19:30 EST. I discovered another article on 19 Feb 2021 with more detailed information, including specific times the bomber appeared on CCTV which I address in PART 2, coming soon.


There's a little physical information in this reading, but it's mostly a personality and psychological profile, which can still be extremely useful in determining possible organisations they belong to, hobbies they have that can also lead to more sources, etc.


NOTE: If you are a seasoned astrologer reading this, please know that I am not. This is my second attempt at a criminal chart, and some of the house meanings are different in this context as opposed to a traditional chart.

Chart generated with the TimePassages application

1H: Physical Appearance of the Subject

This house is void of planets, which is very interesting as it represents the physical appearance of the person in question, and this person is covered from head to toe (almost "invisible"). Also, the placement of the planets in this house can show us what was in front of the victim at the time. In this chart, the cusp is at 16° and 59 minutes of Leo. According to The 360 symbolic degrees and their interpretation, we gain great insight into the suspect's personality and motives:

  • Headstrong, rash, extremely given to impulse; difficult to restrain. Effusive, enthusiastic and restless, but capable of subsisting upon small fare and in all probability, they will be poor.

  • Impatient of discipline and advice, stubborn and foolhardy, hard to repress and to check. Potentially an athletic person with an unbalanced, bright intelligence; they often waste their mental power on unimportant things.

  • One whom you may kill, but will never conquer. Gifted, but odd; will not adopt the norms or policies of modern civilization. They may be coarse & impolite and don't care, but they feel a sense of obligation to do what is expected of them. Their lack of respect for the lesser quality that they feel people ask for also interferes with their performance. They feel that what they cherish as real will not be appreciated by others, so they stay hidden in some regards.

  • Value conscious, and unwaveringly correct - and vengeful. Has considerable talent due to forcefulness which can be channelled best in mid-life, and needs a “stage” and attention - that may be hard to find. Aggressively confident in romantic relationships (possibility of existing domestic abuse or assault charges) and is most likely unmarried, unless it is financially profitable, or brings success.

  • Just went through a significant dark period (end of a job, relationship, service, etc.). Spiteful, and holds grudges. Has had to travel long distances in their career, and the biggest part of life is spent abroad at the service of one's country (ex-military -- feels like the Marine Corps). Also has an aptitude for teaching and positions of leadership, and devotes themself wholeheartedly to an organization or group if they feel the cause is worthy. "In the countries where one has worked, one's name will go down in history." (CMS/Duzéa, p. 670)

Related Illness/Injuries: Leo is ruled by the Sun, so we can deduce the following about the suspect's physical appearance, and possible physical injuries (McIntosh, 2019): Trembling (PTSD), heart disease, injuries to the chest area, a possible gunshot wound to the heart or spine, so they may have spinal issues as well. I'll get into the physical appearance when we get to the 7th house.

Psychic Info: I feel the individual in the photo is a woman, but I also got a clairvoyant flash of the White Christian Nationalist's wife in BlacKkKlansman, which leads me to believe the mastermind behind this attempted bombing is actually another person. This person was merely the deliveryperson, especially since this house can show us what was in front of the person at the time. Again, what if the person was a "front" for someone else?

2H: Victim of Trafficking?

This house is void of planets, and the cusp is at 09° and 07 minutes of Virgo. In forensic astrology, this house can indicate if the person is a victim of trafficking, which is not applicable in this case. Also is the house of 'self', so analysing the information here can give great insight into the person.

  • It denotes a person of a lazy and wasteful character, prone to let duties slide and to procrastinate which further indicates that they will form an alliance with a female, which will be to [his] detriment. They procrastinate, and after what they've been through, are fond of leisure. They are a reader and love learning about all manner of subjects, especially paranormal. They are drawn to experimentation, transportation and common vocations.

  • This person has a fortunate nature and does have money, but [he] will not know how to use it, and it will become a source of danger to him through the machinations (trickery and schemes) of a woman, but this person will never admit that even to himself. Again, this person has a tendency towards aggression and flying off the handle. They also have a fatalist view of the world.

  • The Phenomena and the supernatural will engross him. (This may be confirmation bias, but makes sense if he swallowed the Q bullshit hook, line, and sinker.) Also may have a blog, or have written a book, and could be a musician. NOTE: Scary, but this guy is very intuitive, dare I say, psychic. He might not call it that, but the fact remains.

  • Again with the money: Whether hard-working or not, they will be lucky, extremely lucky in money matters, but however frugal and sparing with themself, they will be naively generous or downright extravagant toward others. Denotes one who through neglect and want of caution is likely to risk too much. To them, speculation and gambling will only mean gradual ruin. They should be careful of their associations and dealings with other people, and of their business transactions.

Related Illness/Injuries: Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so this person may have a mental illness, stuttering or a speech impediment, nasal and sinus problems (broken or crooked nose), gastrointestinal issues, especially being able to assimilate food, and may have liver damage (alcoholic?)

3H: Arguments, Communication, Vehicle(s) Used in the Commission of the Crime

Moon 10° and 57 minutes of Libra: The moon represents a person's emotions, daily habits, unconscious behaviours and home/family. In forensic astrology, this house represents communication, arguments, and the vehicle (if any) that was used in the commission of the crime.

  • Emotions: Indicates a person of vicious tendencies, an aggressive tendency to point any discrepancies, mature, dry, reflective, self-controlled, detached.

  • Home/family: This person's father is a foreigner or an important man whose social status is much higher than that of the mother. In some cases, the father dies before the child is born, or the birth occurs out of wedlock.

  • Was communication or an argument was a factor in the crime? None of the information above or below indicates an argument of any kind, but "unearths truths and reports them with a sense of outrage without becoming themself involved in any decision-making." Again, I feel he is hiding behind the scenes and is a mastermind.

  • If and what kind of vehicle was used: Libra is ruled by Venus, the Morning Star. Also, in Dane Rudhyar Degrees, 10° Libra, "is the fifth stage of the thirty-eighth sequence" this also reminds me of a 5-pointed star. I believe the vehicle used either has a star or stars in its logo, the name of the company is related to stars/the universe, or the license plate has a star on it.

SIDE NOTE: (from The 360 symbolic degrees and their interpretation): "He will suffer restraint or imprisonment, or will lead a life of forced seclusion. He will not escape open criticism, and misfortune will press heavily upon him: yet even the caged bird will sing, and to every prison house there Is a way out. It is a degree of seclusion." This leads me to feel that the mastermind behind the attempted bombing will be caught, and will provide the FBI with more information that will lead to subsequent arrests.

The cusp of 3H is at 06° and 08 minutes of Libra ~ extra info: "Passionate, self-righteous, and determined character. Depending on the natal chart, one is symbolised by the bird of prey or the triangle. The former describes an aggressive and spiteful person who puts his intelligence at the service of base ambitions and does not hesitate to resort to cruel actions in order to defeat his opponents. There are dangers of severe injuries by fire and sword. As for the triangle, it indicates a strong interest in spirituality, religion, or sociology, but also some sort of over-assertiveness which borders on intolerance. In both cases, one must renounce all forms of excess and violence. Then, as one ages, one becomes able to help other people overcome psychological and moral crises." (Lepoivre de Vesle, 2002)

4H: Family Members Involved

Part of Fortune* 21° and 56 minutes of Scorpio: Because this house indicates if a family member was involved in the crime, but this placement is not a planet and is linked to sexuality, and a perception that lets the person dwell on the unknown (, I feel that no family members were directly involved in the crime.

The cusp of 4H is at 08° and 40 minutes of Scorpio ~ extra info: "Compassionate, altruistic, and courageous character. Childhood is clouded by bad luck and the lack of parental affection. Lack of care during the period of body growth may result in frail health. Financial help is available from a female figure. One is not embittered by life ordeals, and in adulthood, one achieves success in non-profit associations or humanitarian work. This degree indicates the possibility to adopt a child." (Lepoivre de Vesle, 2002) This leads me to feel that the delivery person or the mastermind behind the attempted bombing could be adopted, or have an adopted child. Another possible lead for the FBI.

*The Part of Fortune is used to describe the basic way in which the individual is physically connected with the surrounding world. It is one of the significators of the body and health, and it is the primary significator of prosperity, and also a career as it relates to prosperity. (Hand, 1996)

5H: Festivity or Celebratory Event Occurrence

Because this house indicates if some type of festivity, partying or celebratory event was happening at the time, or, if an affair was taking place, and is not directly applicable to this case, I'm going to do a little interpretation on the placements in this house. In traditional astrology, this house encompasses creativity, self-expression, games, sports, hobbies, and children. That information may be of use.

  • South Node 19° and 39 minutes in Sagittarius, retrograde: South node is innate gifts from past lives, the "sweet spot", and comfort zone. Since the mastermind most likely has a military background, I'm going to designate that as their "past life". More often than not, these individuals are more moral than morality itself, especially when saying their beliefs are the only ones right. However, they can exaggerate with their holiness. Besides, they’re resisting when others are expressing their truths and can make many come up with lies, especially when they’re imposing themselves. There’s the tendency for individuals with South Node in Sagittarius to hold on to some beliefs and points of view without actually having all the facts and to toy with other people’s feelings, as well to hurry in life because of their energy is nervous. (Denise, 2019)

  • Venus 16° and 42 minutes in Sagittarius: Denotes an isolated and lonely mind, given to projects of the supernatural kind, daring enterprises and unique adventures. They will be estranged from their family and former close friends and will lead a life of great difficulties, failing in the latter part of life in some bold adventure whereby they will become involved in many troubles. They may be a sailor (Marine Corps or Navy). An evil influence. Their utter lack of practical skill will prevent them not only from leading anything to completion but even from getting down efficiently to any task. Their plans will be made of thin air, their action will bear no other fruit but mistakes and mishaps, misery and ruin.

  • Sun 15° and 54 minutes in Capricorn: This person is too soft for the difficulties they face. There may be some protection in passive resistance but they are not sufficiently dedicated to anything to make any real impression. Their overanxious desire draws a certain lack of respect. They may be the type to enjoy their suffering and the sympathy it brings them. They may be in pursuit of status and power, and some dark side Capricorns get there by any means necessary. They may pursue dangerous undertakings. As I was researching this placement, the word suicide came up a few times...wonder if this person was having an affair, and that person committed suicide.

The cusp of 5H is at 14° and 08 minutes of Sagittarius ~ extra info: "Creative, hard-working, and devoted character. One is endowed with great intellectual capacities, a vivid imagination, and an excellent memory. Brilliant success and fame can be obtained in sciences, theology, history, or literature." (Lepoivre de Vesle, 2002)

6H: Normal Routine Disruption / Stalker

Indicates if the victim's normal routine was disrupted by another person. May also indicate if a stalker was involved. The forensic astrology interpretation of this house is not applicable to this case, so a little info about each placement in this house may help continue to form this person's personality & psychological profile.

  • Pluto 24° and 21 minutes in Capricorn: The shadow side of Pluto is obsessions. One who will be unable to contain their feelings and passions, and will in consequence run to excesses, extravagance and waste of substance. Their inability to control their passions will lead to their reversal and undoing. When roused to anger, however, they are capable of excessive strength and display of power, and the forces in reserve within them are only to be known under stress and excitation.

  • Mercury 25° and 56 minutes in Capricorn: A fickle and shallow person, sweet when in a good mood as it becomes stormy and cruel when aroused. They will be endowed with much mental ability and powers of persuasion but is not free from secret enemies who seek to end their career by craft or violence. Doesn’t follow the crowd; believes in government of the people, by the people, for the people.

  • Saturn 02° and 12 minutes in Aquarius: Determined, resilient, and generous character. A reversal of fortune brings about sufferings, separations, and poverty. Nevertheless, they will show a spirit of steadfast resignation to the will of Heaven and will find consolation for their grief and sorrows. -- Religious/Christian White Nationalist extremist.

  • Jupiter 03° and 56 minutes in Aquarius: One may have inherited a high social position or earned it through personal merits. In both cases, careers in politics, diplomacy, finance, or the transportation industry are possible. Could have acquired their wealth through real estate or agriculture, but also through illegal means, including money laundering, embezzlement, and forgery of official documents. Unpopular authority. They are likely to be misunderstood, but will be held in esteem by those in power and may be entrusted with delicate, sometimes very important, tasks.

The cusp of 6H is at 17° and 40 minutes of Capricorn ~ extra info: "Violent, noisy, and quarrelsome character. One wastes a great deal of energy in meaningless fights and aggressions, thus wearing down the patience of benevolent people. It is necessary to put aside self-righteousness and learn to respect other people's views. This degree warns against all forms of violence and accidents." (Lepoivre de Vesle, 2002)


This is one of the most important houses to analyse when reviewing charts related to a case. The information indicates the appearance of the perpetrator(s), possible motivation. and if there are any connections to other people or evidence. This house is also void of planets, which is very interesting as it represents the physical appearance of the person(s) in question, and there are no released details about the crime, besides the CCTV footage, and photos of the bombs.

  • Physical characteristics from 1H for the "mastermind" (Leo): An older male -- father figure, stepfather, grandfather, authority. The suspect may have had prior heart conditions or back problems. Often blonde, reddish, or light coloured hair. His face is round and strong-featured, with a ruddy complexion and rosacea,

  • Physical characteristics for the bomber (Aquarius): The bomber still feels female to me. They have a medium stature, clear skin, fair, [used to have] very light blonde hair. Their appearance can be unusual, gangly, with long arms and legs--slightly alien-like. This person engages in criminality through humanitarian related issues or revolt. This person may have worked with animals (ASPCA or Greenpeace ?) or machinery. They feel out of place and distant. They have dental issues. The slouchy posture "is a sign of social withdrawal and/or submission." For example, should a rebellious teenager wish to instigate a confrontation, he or she simply needs to slouch as he or she engages in verbal combat. Slouching says, “I don’t care about your attempt at authority, I stand for my own ideas.” When slouching has emotional meaning, it is usually accompanied by fidgeting, putting hands in pockets, crossing arms, wringing the hands. (Chris, 2014)

  • Psychic information: I see two people in a car: the would-be bomber and the driver of the car. I don't feel the driver is the mastermind. When I stand in front of the car, I see the driver as a heavy set male. I see him wearing a blue hat with gold writing & a symbol on it. I see him with short, dark hair, and a beard/moustache. I feel he was used as the driver to blend in and to avoid suspicion. I feel a regular car was used--not a utility truck, etc. I do see a utility truck a few blocks away, but I'm not sure if it's a part of this op. It does feel slightly related.

The cusp of 7H is at 16° and 59 minutes of Aquarius ~ extra info about the mastermind: "Lazy, passive, and selfish character with a tendency to let other people do the work and take advantage of it. This degree may indicate a health condition that wreaks havoc on [a sexual relationship], including impotence or frigidity. It may also describe limited intellectual faculties or deep solicitude for an ailing person." (Lepoivre de Vesle, 2002)

8H: If the Person is Deceased, How They Died

Indicates if the person (if it's a missing person) is deceased, or if that's already known, how they died. This is also the house that represents shared resources/finances, and intimate unions, so, the planets in this house and the sign this house is ruled by will indicate if money or a romantic motive is at play. I don't get anything psychically related to romantic relationships here, so let's stick with the money and the personality info.

  • Neptune 18° and 34 minutes in Pisces: The shadow side of Neptune has to do with illusion, fogginess, victims and chaos. Coincidentally, the negative side of Pisces also has to do with secrets, chaos, and victims. This is a double-whammy, which leads me to believe that there's much secrecy and lies around the funding of this crime. Laundering seems to fit here. There would have been many victims and chaos if the bombs had not been discovered before they detonated, so that also fits.

  • 18° Pisces Personality & Physical Info: There is a pull here between material and spiritual values. In most cases, the material side as expressed by aggressiveness and violence of a military character is to be found. There is a tendency to risk everything on one venture, showing an element of foolish self-sacrifice. There is also danger from violent sports. They are a strategic planner, with considerable ability, usually adventuresome and stubborn. There is a strong aggressive streak but they are also in danger of being misled through their misplaced sympathies. There is also some possibility of running afoul of the law. Often they suffer from some physical deformity early life, sometimes from birth. (Leinbach, 1973)

The cusp of 8H is at 07° and 09 minutes of Pisces ~ extra info: "Obliging, passive, and gentle character endowed with magnetism or gifts for occultism. The decision-making process requires quite some time, as if one revolved endlessly around the same centre, as suggested by the image. This degree promises long-lasting happiness in love and perhaps an early marriage. One prefers to enjoy the pleasures of life in one-to-one contexts, be it in the affective, friendly, or professional areas." (Lepoivre de Vesle, 2002)

9H: Travel or Moving of the Body

Indicates if travel [or moving of a body] has happened.

  • Chiron 05° and 09 minutes in Aries: Chiron represents turning points in life and Aries' symbol is a ram. My feeling is the vehicle used was RAM. Another possibility is that a vehicle that was used had a ram symbol for the hood or grill ornament. The utility truck I saw earlier could be a Ram Promaster or Promaster City.

  • Mars 29° and 35 minutes in Aries: If Mars is at 29 degrees, the native may devise many plans of actions, worry excessively about the possible actions and different routes to take, and then execute a spontaneous action that is contrary to the decision. (

  • Uranus 06° and 45 minutes in Taurus (Retrograde): Taurus also represents an animal with horns (the bull), so this feels like a confirmation that the vehicle involved is either the RAM brand or has a "horn" symbol on it. This degree indicates a danger of violent death or ruthlessness as well, confirming intent.

The cusp of 9H is at 06° and 08 minutes of Aries ~ extra info: "Cunning, secretive and vigilant character. One prefers to defend oneself without resorting to violence, and one reaches one's goals using diplomacy which may border on lie. Since one loathes direct confrontations, one tries to get around problems. In situations of extreme danger, clever tricks or presence of mind are excellent tools to get out of tight spots. In most cases, one manages to get away with it, especially if, in the natal chart, Mercury is strong and rules Mars. Nevertheless, ruin is looming despite efforts to shelter one's wealth from bankruptcy." (Lepoivre de Vesle, 2002)

10H: If the Story is Public / Crime Was Witnessed

Indicates if the story will become public, and/or if the crime was witnessed. Shows how law enforcement or the government handle(d) the case. Also gives information about the authority figures in the victim's life. This house is also void of planets, and we already know this story is public, and that CCTV witnessed the subject. so let's look at the cusp info to see how LE & the government is handling the case.

  • The cusp of 10H is at 08° and 40 minutes of Taurus: Fantastic 🙄 It indicates one of little wit, who will, through a poor ability to understand, will fall into errors which lead to their own destruction. A tendency to be contrary and stubborn, frequently their own worst enemies. Denotes one who meets with opposition, obstacles, and trouble who will be compelled to battle against adversity and may be the victim of deceit or treachery. Ignores flaws and dangers which a wiser person would notice immediately. Symbolically represents impediment and being misled. Considering all the White Nationalist Terrorists (most of whom identify as Christian) that have infiltrated every level and branch of LE and the government for the past 150+ years, this is not a shocker.

11H: Knowledge of Crime by the Subject's Friends

Indicates if friends of the person know what happened. Based on the information below, we can safely assume that close friends of the bomber and mastermind were aware of the intent to commit this crime.

  • North Node 19° and 39 minutes of Gemini (Retrograde): The north node represents the future, and Gemini represents communication. NN in Gemini focuses on the dialogue between those holding different opinions from each other, asking questions, surrounding yourself with people who can offer up different perspectives, and focusing on communication between groups and increased collaboration overall. (McKinley, 2020)

The cusp of 11H is at 14° and 08 minutes of Gemini ~ extra info: "Utopian, weak, and undiscerning character. Unless the natal chart indicates otherwise, owing to bad luck or to a lack of skills, one works a lot but earns little." (Lepoivre de Vesle, 2002)

12H: If the Subject is Buried, Hidden, or Kidnapped

Indicates if the person will be found (not likely), if they are found in an enclosed area, hidden, buried, or kidnapped. This house is also void of planets, so let's take a look at the cusp info to see if the bomber has been hidden.

The cusp of 12H is at 17° and 40 minutes of Cancer: Nervous temperament, suspicious, jealous, harsh, ready to retaliate, caught by limiting circumstance or the wrong associations, or personal mistakes and misconceptions, or other errors brought on by the rush of the moment, the insistence of others, or the wrong reasons. This degree in Cancer also denotes travel, so I feel this person is no longer in the DC area, and has been moved, or possibly dispatched.

Extra info: "Reckless, extravagant, and coward character. One is unable to manage one's destiny properly because one is only concerned with superficial pleasures and external appearances. The lavish lifestyle one enjoys is beyond one's means and may bring about big financial losses. Should the natal chart concur, there is a danger of poisoning through gas, chemical substances, and narcotics." (Lepoivre de Vesle, 2002)

There's so much more to this chart, and the charts I'll go over in Part 2. As I continue to learn, I hope to revisit this chart, and update this post with the aspect interpretations. My hope is that this information helps in some way to catch these individuals, and to bring them to justice.



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