Capitol Insurrection Pipe Bomber PART 2: First CCTV Sighting

PART 1 discusses the approximate time the first bomb was placed. This second post discusses the times the suspect was captured on CCTV. Again, there are some physical characteristics and other clues mentioned below, but this is an overall personality profile of those involved. This time, I've also included the aspect information from the chart, which is summarised at the end, that provides a deeper dive into the people involved and their psyche. In this post, I'll designate information related to the bomber with (PB) and the mastermind with (MM) at the beginning of the entry.

I realise this is quite a read, so if looking for just the psychic information, those sections are in purple to better find them quickly.


Rumsey Court, Washington, D.C., 20:13 ET


"On Jan. 5 at 8:13 p.m., a security camera captured the suspect carrying a backpack, according to a resident who reviewed the footage and provided a copy to the FBI. The suspect was walking eastbound on C Street SE, headed toward an entrance to an alley that curved toward the Republican National Committee building. The Post did not obtain that footage but confirmed the homeowner’s account with a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation." (The Washington Post, 2021)

Chart generated with the ASTROGRAPH application


1H: Physical Appearance of the Subject

Void of planets

Cusp: 25° and 32 minutes of Leo

  • Astrotheme: (MM) Passionate, emotive, and rebellious character endowed with artistic gifts. Hidden forces of all sorts, such as clans, secret societies, or espionage are the sources of numerous torments and hurdles. This degree portends a danger of psychological or financial sinking, as well as physical drowning or asphyxiation. However, should the natal chart concur, one is driven by strong willpower and triumphs over obstacles and dangers coming from water. One steadily and slowly builds a fortune in seafaring activities.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (PB) Astrology (very interesting!); (MM) homicidal tendency; can be relied on to keep a secret. It is a symbol of Comradeship. (PB) This degree is indicative of a very simple childlike nature, capable of hard work in a natural setting. They relate well to children and is happy doing service work. They prefer the country, especially wooded surroundings. They have a sweetness about his undeveloped nature. They may have a very simple homespun philosophy about which they contemplate in quiet moments. They may even change their religion after some consideration. Their overall nature is congenial and comfortable to have around. Those who associate with this person find them a respite in contrast to the modern-day world.

Related Illness/Injuries (McIntosh): (MM) Rheumatism; angina pectoris; pulmonary pericardium issues. Trembling (PTSD), heart disease, injuries to the chest area, a possible gunshot wound to the heart or spine, so they may have spinal issues as well. sexual problems. (PB) Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Afflicted sudden death by drowning. poison, or asphyxiation; suicide; abscesses.

In Part 1, I relayed the physical appearance in the 7th house and will repeat it below.

Psychic Info: I feel the MM may be a Freemason, or have ties to nefarious and highly radicalised organisations of the New Christian Right (Lienesch, 1982) other than the Oath Keepers.

The more I tune into the PB, my fear is this person may not be recoverable, as they have been moved to a very hidden location, or at worst was murdered if the MM feels the PB was expendable. I also feel the phrase above, "Afflicted sudden death by drowning. poison, or asphyxiation; suicide" relates to a close relative of the PB, or could be the PB's demise.

2H: Victim of Trafficking?

Trafficking is not applicable in this case, so here's the personality information:

Moon 11° and 22 minutes of Libra

  • They are very sensitive and emotional, especially to the reactions and thoughts of other people. They care a lot about what others think and say, and these factors can decide the outcome of their long-term plans. They take great pride in defending their ideas and way of life,

  • Astrotheme: Carefree, self-centred, and frivolous character. One is unable to learn the lessons from the past. Dangers of failure and reversal of fortune stem from neglect and superficiality. However, should the natal chart concur, particularly if Venus is strong and protective, sheer luck and devoted friends prevent the disaster from happening.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (MM) Electricians; a connection with poisons, sometimes in working with chemicals; a powerful degree; denotes a clear thinker who knows that success is based more on hard work than on luck; favours work in movies; left renal system. Denotes one who is liable to be assailed by enemies, but who, being conscious of his own strength, is content to wait patiently until by frequent attacks they fall at last into his power. He is gifted with patience and sagacity, understanding and diplomacy.

Cusp: 18° and 35 minutes of Virgo

  • Astrotheme: Straightforward, independent, and clever character. One is fond of hunting or raising cattle. Comes across as gruff, but is deeply respected for their honesty.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: It indicates a rough and rustic nature, with a taste for the excitement of the chase. They prefer country life and its freedom to the more varied but less thorough liberties of the town. obtrusive, autocratic spirit. Sympathy for the populace, leniency, even excessive, for everything that has not yet been evolved or spoiled by so-called civilization. They will refuse stubbornly to admire the worthiest, will misuse their people’s affection and devotion, and will refuse systematically to take even their wisest and truest friends’ advice. It is a symbol of defiance.

Psychic Info: I feel the PB was not trafficked, but experienced much moving around during their childhood. They were not a typical child, and did not fit in.

3H: Arguments, Communication, Vehicle(s) Used in the Commission of the Crime

Void of planets

Cusp: 16° and 36 minutes of Libra

  • Astrotheme: (MM) Irascible, fault-finding, and unfair character. One does not hesitate to criticise without offering a solution. The propensity to systematically contradict and sneer at one's interlocutors must be tightly reined in, lest one undergoes serious setbacks.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (MM) It denotes a person of immense reserve forces, of much activity, energy and brilliance: a quick, alert and original mind, which will win for them sonic distinctive honours. The native will be disposed to travel to distant northern countries, and may explore arctic regions or pursue electrical science. It is a degree of force. A rugged physique with an unusual turn of speed; endurance to fatigue, cold, hunger, and thirst; an ability to stand any hardships; a body fully responding to will power. A brisk, daring, firm, lively will; a far-reaching imagination but wayward rather than original, a more showy than profound mind; and more pluck than independence.

Psychic Info: Strongly-worded and possibly encrypted communications through the dark net were exchanged in advance of this crime. The MM has access to unlimited resources, and has begun to coordinate with other paramilitary groups. I discussed the vehicles used in Part 1, and don't have any additional information at this time.

4H: Family Members Involved

Part of Fortune* 0° and 06 minutes of Sagittarius

  • Astrotheme: Simple, independent and fanciful character endowed with high intellectual capacities. One should focus on one's professional pursuit, which has every chance to be successful in law, religion, or mathematics. One must not listen to friends who urge to leave the path of serious work and indulge in idleness. This would be very detrimental to one's career, and after numerous setbacks, would lead to dire poverty. This degree sometimes indicates some family secret or a birth out of wedlock.

  • (PB) People with this placement want to be taken care of and take care of others. Some people with this position had a challenging childhood, and they had to take over the role of the nurturer. They are strongly attached to their family, and they find happiness in these relationships. Family members often help them, or they get something from their family (not necessary material inheritance, it can also be education or some talent) that helps them get ahead in life. Stargazer (2020)

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: The greatest danger is a certain tendency to get into scrapes through association with reckless people. Where other astrological data fit into the picture of a rebellious and knavish character, this may go so far as to mean penal condemnation, even capital sentence as a result of conspiracy and murder, provided that local laws warrant capital execution. In charts evidencing that kind of legalized villainy—the birthmark of cops and detectives—there will be obvious risks attending upon such professions.

South Node 19° and 31 minutes of Sagittarius (Retrograde)

  • Astrotheme: Benevolent, cheerful, and honest character, with a whiff of vanity. The members of the entourage are nice and belong to a wealthy and educated social layer. Associations with friends are fruitful, particularly in any area involving the arts, beauty, or botany. This degree indicates that deceits and misfortunes are brought about by romantic partners.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: A good talker who has many friends. Sometimes a local political leader. There is hostility towards accepted medical practices. They will prefer one of the more unorthodox healing practitioners. They will meet with opposition, deserved or undeserved, in the course of the crusades they pursue. If they are unable to cope with the evils they are called upon to face they may become bitter, revengeful, and dangerous.

Cusp: 19° and 31 minutes of Scorpio

  • Astrotheme: Proud, independent, and fair character attracted to East Asian matters. Success and fame can be achieved in politics and/or reforms and discoveries. This degree heralds that the greatest honours are granted, and that all ambitions are fulfilled, even the wildest ones.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: Quick, adaptable, restless mind. Industrious and self-reliant. Enjoys discussions and debates about politics or economics. They control others but demands freedom for themselves. Traditionally considered one of the worst, most despised, troublesome, destructive degrees; A “wrecking crew”, often destroying those things and people which have eclipsed their usefulness. Partially Aries, but more Sagittarian, often unwittingly sponsoring Scorpio carnage. A devil’s advocate. Perceptive, opportunistic, easily irritated, persuasive and enduring, must avoid being own worst enemy.

Psychic Info: As I stated in Part 1, I don't feel that family members were directly involved in the crime, but I do feel there was an awareness of a plan, but not the details.

*The Part of Fortune is used to describe the basic way in which the individual is physically connected with the surrounding world. It is one of the significators of the body and health, and it is the primary significator of prosperity, and also a career as it relates to prosperity. (Hand, 1996)

5H: Festivity or Celebratory Event Occurrence

Venus 26° and 44 minutes of Sagittarius

  • Astrotheme: (PB) Courageous, enterprising, and honest character. One may be the victim of unfair, less scrupulous or less skilled superiors. Despite numerous enemies, one reaches a prominent position. Nevertheless, one must remain very careful, adopt a low profile, and be prepared to thwart the machinations concocted by higher-ups.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (PB) This is the index of a nature lacking direction of force and initiative. They will find many enemies, both powerful and aggressive to bar the way to success in life. They may rise to a good position, but will be in danger of falling under the reproach of their leader (the MM). Their path will be beset with difficulties and dangers, and such will chiefly be due to their lack of stability and want of purpose. It as a degree of impotence.

Psychic info: Venus in Sag denotes a fun-loving and adventurous person. This means they are always on-the-go. Sometimes they leave others behind in the commotion that surrounds them. As we know by MSM accounts, many of the Trump loyalists/insurrectionists viewed this event as a joyous occasion -- which fits with the Venus in Sag energy-- because, in their warped minds, they were going to topple our democratic government, and create a fascist state. I do feel a sense of scattered joy from the PB, and righteous "victory" from the MM.

Sun 15° and 56 minutes of Capricorn

  • Astrotheme: (PB) Withdrawn, patient, and adventurous character. If one is willing to control one's taste for dangerous undertakings, one can achieve success in horse breeding, training, or trade. The gift for taming can also be very well expressed in child-rearing practices. This degree warns that recklessness brings about downfall and sometimes, violent death.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (MM) This indicates one who will manifest an extremely critical, sarcastic and aggressive nature. It will be their business in life to dig into the common soil of the human mind, to lay bare and expose its true nature, and to create dissensions, divisions and strife’s, stirring up and leavening the pabulum of popular beliefs, and bringing to light their fallacies, impedimenta, and imperfections. The mind will be pugnacious in the extreme, and although it may attract admirers it will have few sympathizers or adherents. In removing the weed growth on the ages and in the ruthless examination of things as they are in the broad field of human life and thought, will consist the main work of this peculiarly angular and incisive nature. It as a degree of criticism.

Psychic info: Sun in Cap people are meticulous and down-to-earth. They work very hard and are ambitious. They can also be snobbish, and when reckless with this energy, can come across as a show-off. I feel this has the MM written all over it. I feel the MM is close to if not the leader of one of the Right-Wing organisations. I feel the FBI has not caught him yet, but the file they have on him has something to do with "Bobcat".

Pluto 24° and 21 minutes of Capricorn

  • Astrotheme: (MM) Ambitious, clever, and irascible character. Success requires continuous learning and training. Similarly to the pianist or the dancer who practices every day, it is necessary to constantly hone one's skills in order to maintain them at the highest possible level. It is at this condition that one can achieve success in a career requiring dexterity, or in education and literature. According to Manilius, a Roman astrologer and poet of the 1st century CE, this degree endows with great manual and intellectual nimbleness, but it also indicates that triumphs and celebrity are often followed by disfavour.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (PB) They reap where others have sown. An unquestionably gentle and demonstrative but fickle and shallow person, given over to fun and enjoyment, and fond of frills and frolics, they will be but an amateur in everything; yet, barring a sudden accident, they will have luck on her side.

Additional info: Pluto in Cap denotes a person who is determined. They have the long game of building toward something that will be real and tangible, with the aim of wealth and power; it’s all about having the power to do what you want, when you want. For them, it’s more about their image and maintaining a certain kind of status. As an earth sign, they are more concerned with material possessions and showing off how important they are. (Roberts). Definitely the mastermind.

Cusp: 24° and 21 minutes of Sagittarius

  • Astrotheme: (MM) Sensual and materialistic character unwilling to fight one's weaknesses. There is a strong tendency to burn one's candle at both ends, which exposes one to all sorts of physical and moral dangers. When excesses also affect the spiritual area, one is narrow-minded and sectarian. This degree may indicate an eye disease threatening the sight.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (PB) Denotes one who will always be in trouble through debt; always involved; always on the verge of bankruptcy; finally by some unlooked-for and unexpected “god(ess)-send,” they are delivered.

Psychic Info: I keep seeing a coin, as in the PB and MM are two sides inf the same coin. Also, the Harley Quinn character. I feel the PB was just as unhealthily dependent on the MM as Harley was on the Joker. I'm not seeing an outright romantic relationship between them, but a high level of codependence, and I heard, "promises made but never kept."

6H: Normal Routine Disruption / Stalker (NA for this case)

Mercury 25° and 59 minutes of Capricorn

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (MM) When roused to anger, however, he is capable of excessive strength and display of power, and the forces in reserve within him are only to be known under stress and excitation. He is yielding, but cannot be reduced. He is gentle but irresistible. His sympathies are wide and his taste for travel will be marked. It will lead him to distant countries and may be to the pursuit of nautical life. That he will have interests in distant lands is certain.

  • Additional info: Mercury in Cap people will not take no for an answer. They are no-nonsense types who are plain-spoken, and they detest chaos and try to fend off any change that they hadn’t anticipated. They require quiet time to reflect on what’s being said and done so they can make the correct choice and move on as smoothly as possible to the next problem. (Roberts).

Psychic info: I see the MM in a wood-panelled room, with a flag of some type hanging behind his desk. There is a light coming from another room (feels like the kitchen) to his right, but the room he's in is dimly lit. The desk is wooden and looks like an old teacher's desk. There are two green or grey 5-drawer vertical cabinets on the wall, flanking the desk. I get the feeling this is a day basement, and it feels like a cabin. When I'm sitting at the desk, there's a picture window I can look out of, and I do see a lake and lots of fir and birch trees.

Saturn 02° and 12 minutes of Aquarius

  • Astrotheme: (MM) Determined, resilient, and generous character. Unless the natal chart indicates otherwise, a reversal of fortune brings about sufferings, separations, and poverty. With great fortitude and the solace offered by devoted friends, one pulls oneself together and successfully rebuilds a life of happiness and prosperity.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (MM) This is the index of one who has a scientific and highly versatile mind. They will be disposed to the study of the laws of nature, will gain an intimacy with the principles of scientific and philosophic investigation and may be the inventor of some instrument, or the discoverer of some force in Nature by which the elements of space (the compass) and time (the hour-glass) are annihilated to a great degree. Undoubtedly they will be a person of considerable depth of thought and will make some useful discoveries.

Additional info: Saturn in Aquarius are more reserved in their actions, even though their thoughts are still considered outside the box. They have a structure in their lives, but it’s through their own special organizational process. They have to be careful not to ostracize themselves from the group since they do so much work alone. They can come off as cool or detached in their reasoning. (Roberts)

Jupiter 03° and 57 minutes of Aquarius

  • Astrotheme: (MM) Calm, reliable, and fair character. One may have inherited a high social position or earned it through personal merits. In both cases, careers in politics, diplomacy, finance, or the transportation industry are very favoured. However, if the chart indicates dishonesty, wealth is acquired through illegal means, including money laundering, embezzlement, and forgery of official documents.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (MM) This is indicative of one who will show considerable merit in diplomatic or governmental work and who may become a minister of state or high official. To them will be entrusted the care of high secrets and charges, and they will be associated with persons of high estate and power in whatever land they may be called upon to serve. It is probable that they themself will be able to boast an ancients lineage and there is, a part from their destiny, an inherent dignity and repose which will enable him passively to withstand the assaults of his enemies and by patience finally to overcome all and succeed to the highest positions of trust and confidence. It is a degree of authority.

Additional info: Jupiter in Aquarius people are so unique in their thinking, they often overlook other people’s good ideas. This makes them a bit egocentric, where they don’t realize they are shutting others out by focusing only on their views.

Strange Note: The Proper Song Version of Rock Me Amadeus by Falco was playing as I was writing the "It is probable that they themself will be able to boast an ancients lineage and there is, a part from their destiny" sentence above. Since there are no accidents in my multiverse, I feel the MM has Austrian-Germanic lineage, either to some of the royalty that Motzart played for, or to other prominent people that were in Motzart's inner circle, or to Motzart himself. The MM would see this familial connection, and the role their ancestor played in history as a mark of pride, as well as a calling to carry on the spirit of their legacy.

Cusp: 26° and 54 minutes of Capricorn

  • Astrotheme: (PB) Withdrawn, enduring, and honest character. One revels in solitude and quiet activities such as reading and writing. Although one is very skilful in one's field of competence, one is unwilling to compete with others and contents oneself with a simple life devoid of conflicts.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (PB) May have an uneven temper, impatience, fond of sports and modemstic (modernistic) crazes, sometimes physically afflicted, mentally unstable or otherwise unfortunate, fond of figures or statistics but not always accurate in their use; well aspected denotes considerable ability; deep-lying nerves.


Void of planets. The information indicates the appearance of the perpetrator(s), possible motivation. and if there are any connections to other people or evidence.

Cusp: 25° and 32 minutes of Aquarius

  • Astrotheme: (PB) Confused, helpless and self-righteous character. Instead of stubbornly repeating the same mistakes, one must seek the advice of more experienced friends who can help avoid dangerous traps and teach the rudiments of one's job. Clear-sightedness is a must, and when one is lost, one must remember that sitting down on the ground protects against injuries in case of fall.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: This symbol indicates one whose nature is vindictive and passionate almost beyond the power of control. There will be some danger of frenzy or even acute mania, such as will warrant their enforced detention is thoughts are those of the Ishmaelite and avenger of herednary wrongs, and they are as one who sees blood in the air and runs amok. It shows a dangerous predisposition and unless controlled by the power of moral persuasion, intellectual training and social culture, will assuredly lead to trouble and disgrace. It is a degree of malice. This indicates one whose thoughts and projects are liable to become chaotic and confused, so that they may be said to be walking in the dark, and to that extent may be led into grave dangers. It may be from ignorance or from want of alertness and responsiveness to their surroundings that he will come by hurt to themself, but save by the helping and directing hand of some wise friend, or the overarching love of Heaven, they cannot escape downfall and ruin. The higher tame position they may occupy, the greater the danger of falling.

Psychic Info: It's interesting to me that this chart also has this house void of planets, which means the plan to bomb the DNC and RNC HQs were kept in the strictest of confidence. My feeling is not more than 5 individuals knew the details (the delivery person selected, when the bombs were to be planted, etc.)

8H: If the Person is Deceased, How They Died

Since I'm feeling the PB may have already been offed by the terrorist powers that be, let's see what the planets say about that.

Neptune 18° and 34 minutes of Pisces

  • Astrotheme: (MM) Creative, cautious, and enthusiastic character endowed with strong persuasion powers and good oratory skills. One is entirely dedicated to natural treatments aiming at improving human beings' health, which arouses respect and admiration from the general public. Success, fame and wealth can be achieved in science, medicine and medicinal plants, chemistry, or scientific research. This degree indicates that a valuable discovery is possible.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (PB) Danger of being misled through sympathy. Silence regarding personal affairs will prevent unworthy alliances. They must develop support through interaction with people without depending on them for that support. They are definitely subject to collapse where they lean too heavily, especially up to and including the middle part of their life. They are required to find the basic truth which goes beyond the material structure which houses the support to the spiritual reality which runs through all support. People are sure to let them down. They are also tempted to try to strengthen their hold and make a deeper commitment in order to build a structure or relationship which will be more reliable than the last one. This also will not work. Unless they find support in the process itself and attaches themself to many guidelines they will fail. Literally, danger of drowning also indicated.

Additional info (McIntosh): Injuries related to Pisces and Neptune: Drowning is represented. You'd think that water would be the medium, but sometimes we can drown when our lungs fill with our own blood. Pisces represents the feet, so their feet may have been bound, or worse. Poisoning and drug ODs are also represented by Pisces & Neptune. Religious people are involved with this Neptune/Pisces energy, and are usually zealots who are on a mission to hurt somebody in the name of god. Shocker.

Psychic info: The double water symbology is significant, which is addressed by the passage from Criminal Astrology, Volume 1 above. "Sleeping with the fishes" feels about right.

Chiron 05° and 09 minutes of Aries

  • Astrotheme: (MM) The person influenced by this degree is meant to dominate others. Extreme circumstances put him/her in the highest positions, which is not devoid of danger. Although many disasters are experienced, one remains undisturbed and pursues the challenging path. This degree indicates that one belongs to a powerful and wealthy family. If one is of modest origins, then, one enjoys the protection of the head of state or that of most prominent figures. There is also the possibility that one becomes the power behind the throne. In any case, one has real decision-making powers and becomes a leader in one's field, be it the arts, business, or politics.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (MM) It denotes a person who will give evidence of much force of character. One who will make his way against almost insuperable difficulties, but whose efforts will be finally crowned with a position of security and comfort. They will pass through many perilous adventures and will make many conquests, but they will all be due rather to theirown perseverance and force of character than to favoring circumstances.

Additional info: Chiron shows us our inadequacies and points us towards places we have a tendency to overcompensate. the arrival of Chiron in Aries is often a violent one. For example, on April 4, 1968, two days after Chiron entered Aries, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, highlighting racism, oppression, and brutality in the U.S. Before that, Chiron entered Aries around the same time as the Spanish Flu in 1918, a pandemic that killed millions. The pandemic, coupled with WWI, created “the Lost Generation” that defined the rest of Chiron’s time in Aries. Aries hits hard. (Ricks, 2020). This fits with the energy of the Capitol Insurrection to a T.

Cusp: 18° and 35 minutes of Pisces

We have 18° Pisces again, which was discussed at the beginning of this house interpretation if you'd like to review it above.

9H: Travel or Moving of the Body

Mars 29° and 36 minutes of Aries

  • Astrotheme: (MM) Independent, combative, and selfish character. One gives top priority to the fulfilment of personal pleasures and tends to be boastful. Decisions are made in solitude. Such self-centredness finally puts off family members, friends, and colleagues. Therefore, no external help is to be expected in days of misfortune and sorrow. Marriage is most likely to be unhappy.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: Symbols: A heavy war tank and a person wheeling a barrow load of earth over a hollow run. (MM) Whatever their social rank or their inherited means, the subject will have to break painfully their path upwards in order to reach their aim. Of high birth and well-to-do, they may well set their aim far beyond their inherited-not despicable-level, but not beyond their reach, common sense is one of their foremost gifts. On a somewhat higher level, we shall have, in an aristocratic family, a cadet son who will work their way up with their sword and end by conquering a kingdom or founding a dynasty. A tough fighter, whether in real war or in the struggle for life, whose first weapon is the steadfast doggedness with which they go toward their aim, shattering and crushing any hindrance that may bar their way, making it into a further stepping stone for their climb. They are simple and true to the core; hesitation and wavering are unknown to him. they know what they want and likes to pay their price. they baulk at no problems but sees their job ahead and gets down to it. (PB) This degree suggests much freedom in the development of odd and unusual traits and abilities. It tends also to isolation and disappointment in the failure of others to recognize the value of what this individual has discovered to be true. Others may seek this person out even if they isolate themself from the world. There is a tendency to serious study with the development of a more philosophical attitude later in life. The degree has an affinity for feminine characteristics in a man.

Psychic info: As I mentioned in Part 1, Aries' symbol is a ram. My feeling is the vehicle used was RAM. Another possibility is that a vehicle that was used had a ram symbol for the hood or grill ornament. The utility truck I saw earlier could be a Ram Promaster or Promaster City. The interesting new info comes in the symbols: A heavy war tank and a person wheeling a barrow load of earth. Two thoughts here: (1) I feel the tank represents the terrorist's desire to force certain social and political changes that will incur potential adverse effects and consequences by fully realising a fascist nation, not unlike the Amazon Prime series, Man in the High Castle. I also feel that many of their vehicles have been militarised; look like civilian delivery trucks, SUVs, etc. on the outside, but have been retrofitted with armour and weapons. (2) If the PB has been murdered, they have already been buried.

Uranus 06° and 45 minutes of Taurus (Retrograde)

  • Astrotheme: (PB) Superficial, trusting, and carefree character. (MM) Good-looking features and sex appeal are the main assets that bring about happiness in love and a comfortable lifestyle, effortlessly. Conceit, money, and lust for power prevail over moral concerns. In any case, there is a propensity for lechery. One must not overindulge in sensual pleasures because this degree indicates a danger of violent death or ruthlessness, whether one is the perpetrator or the victim.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (MM) It denotes one who will attain the greatest victories in life by means of their intellect; who is possessed by their great penetration and large understanding, through which he will acquire honours and dignity, and will be regarded with favour by the people.

Additional info: Uranus retrograde in the obstinate sign of Taurus wants us to get real. It's time to face our fears and change the things that aren't working so we can become who we really want to be. This is true on both a personal and global scale. In other words, get real about what you want, be brave, and embrace your freedom to go after it. (, 2021). Unfortunately, this is exactly what the terrorists were doing when they decided to mount an insurrection.

Cusp: 16° and 36 minutes of Aries

  • Astrotheme: (PB) One readily responds to requests for help and protects the weak against the powerful. One is kept in high esteem for one's scientific knowledge about the laws and mysteries of nature. Although one prefers living in the quietness of a remote place, one may be brought under the spotlight by success and fame.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (MM) The person of this degree will be a successful merchant. He may prove a great traveller or navigator, and may get a name that will be handed down in history. Law, order and rhythm. Usually a public character, or one with oratorical ability.

Psychic info: A prominent lawyer is also involved with the insurrection, specifically with arranging transportation of the PB, and the leaders, including the MM. This may be a congressperson or someone else in government who is a lawyer. This person has spent years developing contacts through his education and networking, maintaining self-discipline, detailed planning, and focused execution. The number 6 figures prominently in this person's life. They desire to be king (an autocrat).

10H: If the Story is Public / Crime Was Witnessed

As in Part 1, this house is also void of planets, and we already know this story is public, and that CCTV witnessed the subject. so let's look at the cusp info to see how LE & the government is handling the case.

North Node 19° and 39 minutes of Gemini (Retrograde)

  • Astrotheme: (MM) Discreet, shrewd, and clear-sighted character endowed with extra-sensory perception. Wealth and fame can be achieved in the military, sports - especially horse riding - science, or pharmaceutical research, most often thanks to the support of powerful friends. Enmities and plots are easily overcome. However, there is a danger that an outstanding success is followed by a sudden ordeal and disgrace.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (PB) It indicates one who will have great sorrow in life, and will be deserted by friends and left to his own resources. To a woman, it speaks of the worst of ills. Blighted hopes, betrayed confidence, sudden bereavement and void ambitions are the dire fruits of this black line in the scroll of life. This degree is perilous.

Additional info: (How LE & the gov't are handling things) Many see them as too straightforward and powerful. Many want to listen to their points of view in this life, but they shouldn’t push their listeners away with their passion and exaggerated energy. As a matter of fact, their energy needs to be dosed if they want the winnings of having others by their side. More than this, they need to learn what communication means by using the smartest words going through their head and not jumbling words in strange sentences. Intonation needs to be used as well, so they shouldn’t scream. Besides, they as well don’t have to make others agree with what they have to say when trying to convince. North Node in Geminis seem to think they know everything and to be blind in front of more complex matters. In case they want to be certain of things, they may end up denying truths that are against what they’re expecting and their beliefs. (Denise, 2019).

Cusp: 19° and 31 minutes of Taurus

  • Astrotheme: Cunning, envious, and conceited character. One is evil-minded and uses unimportant details in order to harm people. But such gross malevolence is easily foiled and as a result, one harms oneself only. Slanders targeting relatives and friends bring about long-lasting estrangements.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: xxx.

11H: Knowledge of Crime by the Subject's Friends

Moon 11° and 22 minutes of Libra

  • Astrotheme: (PB) Carefree, self-centred, and frivolous character. One is unable to learn the lessons from the past. Dangers of failure and reversal of fortune stem from neglect and superficiality.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (MM) It denotes a person of a subtle and changeful nature, capable of simulating the virtues and vices of others from motives of diplomacy. They will be alternately impelled to paths high endeavour and to those of debasing instinct. The father of the person will die early or will be unknown to them.

Cusp: 18° and 35 minutes of Virgo

  • Astrotheme: (MM) Straightforward, independent, and clever character. Fond of hunting. Although one comes across as gruff, one is deeply respected for one's honesty and common sense.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: It indicates a rough and rustic nature, with a taste for excitement of the chase, or for cattle ranching. The nature is rugged, but genuine; lacking in suavity; critical, but invested with unequivocal sincerity, which will cause them to be respected. The native will prefer country life and its freedom to the more varied but less thorough liberties of the town.

12H: If the Subject is Buried, Hidden, or Kidnapped

Void of planets.

Cusp: 26° and 54 minutes of Cancer

  • Astrotheme: (PB) Intelligent, obliging, and docile character. Under the guidance of a good employer or a mentor, one's perseverance, helpfulness, and flexibility prove to be formidable assets for success. This degree often describes patient and devoted servants.

  • The 360 Symbolic Degrees: (PB) It indicates a person who will owe his success in life to uses imposed upon him by others of greater will and intelligence. It shows a docile and tractable spirit, capable of patient service under the direction or initiative of others; much silent force and endurance, but little self-assertion, originality, or ambition.


I arranged these based on my psychic impressions of each individual.

These aspects feel like they fit for both the PB and MM:

Uranus in semi-sextile with Chiron: With this aspect, you are prone to sudden insights and departures. You have an unusual combination of personality traits in which you are both very unconventional yet also somewhat unsure of yourself in your very departure from the rest of society, so that you may surprisingly show flashes of a conservative side. You have a brilliant mind, and are undoubtedly a witty conversationalist, although with a slightly erratic tendency to switch topics arbitrarily. This aspect is the hallmark of an inventor or other type of creative thinker, perhaps in the health fields or the helping professions. You are likely to have great difficulties with walking the straight and narrow but something seems to be forcing you to. Or it is a compulsion based on your own painful experiences with authority. It is important to become more conscious of your hidden motivations and patterns, so as not to be ruled by them from below, as it were. Pluto in quintile with Chiron: With this aspect, you are likely to possess a somewhat compulsive nature. You have a tendency to plunge into the depths of despair as well as the heights of manic madness as a form of compensatory reaction to the over-indulgence of wallowing in the depths. There are great depths of passion within you, likely the result of painful experiences from early childhood. As long as these experiences remain unintegrated, they will cause a stir, both for yourself and for anyone you become close to. When you become more conscious of these patterns you have a great capacity to heal yourself and others. You have keen intuition and great power to transform yourself and your personal relationships as you evolve.


Sun in strong sextile with Neptune: This aspect gives a highly sensitive, visionary and creative individual. You are somewhat unworldly, and you are likely to be artistic or musical. You may be open to mysticism or the exploration of other dimensions through psychic perceptions. You are the softhearted type, and may be even too willing to sacrifice yourself for the good of others. Extremely aware of your surroundings, you may take on different qualities with different groups of people, or there could be difficulties with your motivation. Once these difficulties are overcome, tremendous creativity is possible, perhaps through artistic channels: music, drama, or poetry. You may also find your life's calling in the helping professions, for your compassion is strong. Your aim is to achieve a balance between the spiritual dimension of reality and ordinary life.

Venus in strong trine with Ascendant: This aspect gives a warm-hearted and affectionate personality. You are likely to be cheerful, charming and popular socially. You may also be very beautiful, particularly at the soul-level. You are also sensitive, with an inclination for artistic pursuits and refined surroundings, and may possess considerable talent for the arts. Relationships are important to you. You are also firmly in contact with what you want and you are likely to be quite successful at getting it. With your poise and charm, this is usually not difficult. In fact, things may be a little too easy for you, and you benefit from finding the depth of character that varying experience can bring as you go through life.

Moon in opposition with Chiron: With this aspect, there are difficulties indicated in relating to the feminine - either significant female presences in your life or else and including your own feminine side. This would be true, and different in its sense, in either a man's or a woman's chart. Of course, the important early model for the feminine is mother, and it is likely that there were painful experiences of some kind in your early relationship with your own mother or significant female parental figure. Perhaps you had a close relationship, but yet your needs were somehow not met, resulting in unconscious resentments which only surfaced later in your adult life. You may in this case exhibit a strong feminine side through and over-attachment to your mother's feelings. It is important to note that there also may have been actual abuse, physical or otherwise. These experiences are so painful that they are often suppressed from your consciousness, and buried deep in your psyche. In your adult life, it is important to move past the resentment caused by early wounding into a more conscious and compassionate reconciliation with the walled off parts of your own nature. Therefore, deep psychological work of some variety is strongly indicated. Once you have begun to make conscious the pain and alienation surrounding events from the long-buried past, you can begin to truly help others as well as yourself. A creative side of your nature may emerge for the first time. The integration of the feminine side of your nature is a tremendous challenge for you, but the gold at the end of the process is well worth digging for.

Mercury in semi-sextile with Venus: This aspect gives a charming manner and an idealistic philosophy. You are friendly and sociable, with a strong leaning toward the artistic and beautiful side of life. You may have marked artistic abilities. You have a youthful attitude, and probably like young people. You like to dress attractively, although not necessarily expensively, and are for the most part cheerful and optimistic. You have a pleasant speaking or singing voice, and express yourself well in speech or writing. You also can be very persuasive in a quiet way.

Mercury in septile with Neptune: This aspect gives a clever and imaginative personality with subtle charm. You are visionary and poetic. You are likely to be an inspired thinker, and may excel in literary accomplishments, or the visual arts, but you may suffer from a lack of concentration and discipline. You may possess an over-active imagination, or appear to have your own private version of reality, or you may over-glamorize the object of your ideals. You need to learn discrimination, and to focus your creative potential, which is considerable, in order to become a channel for higher forms of thought to flow into your own life, and that of society around you.

Mercury in inconjunct with Ascendant: This conjunction gives a personality who values mental pursuits and communication highly. You have a need to connect with other people. Your attention is so much on communicating with others you may constantly worry about how you are coming across, and this may interfere with good communication with other people. You are quick-witted and glib, and may also be nervous and high-strung. You should beware of a tendency to dominate any conversation you enter into. Your pride in your mental abilities and education may overshadow your ability to hear other people. You may turn to writing or public speaking as a way to share your enthusiasm for your own ideas. You are in essence an independent thinker with your own way of looking at things, and you may be inspired and even visionary in your outlook.

Jupiter in square with Uranus: This combination gives a socially conscious, optimistic and intuitive individual who works well with groups. You have a strong sense of optimism and possess high ideals. You are inventive and original, and are able to motivate others by your example. You like to explore new horizons, either real or imagined, and do not value security on a personal level. You can be rebellious, even restless and excitable, because you have the capacity to visualize new possibilities rather than accept an outmoded status quo. You may have sudden and surprising opportunities in your life, and you will usually act to take advantage of these, which may involve travel to distant places. You should beware of your capacity to envision possibilities too vast to achieve. You can benefit from cultivating a more practical approach.

Saturn in semi-square with Neptune: This combination gives a clear thinking and discriminating personality. You are responsible and compassionate and take social issues very seriously. There may be confusion in your life regarding restrictions imposed upon you, in which you feel both attracted to the security imposed by such limits, and simultaneously repelled or stifled by these restrictions. You may suffer through trials before learning to work with both the energies of stability and of idealism in an effort to balance between extremes of behaviour.

Chiron in semi-square with Midheaven: With this aspect of Chiron and your Midheaven, you likely have issues around exerting personal will versus knuckling under to authority. You have enormous energy and endurance at your disposal, although you may appear timid or unsure of yourself, since your power urge is likely to be repressed. It may be that you have had many painful experiences with authority. As a result of these experiences, you may fear the expression of your own personal power, and alternate between complying with the standards of society around you, or rebelling against them. You may avoid situations where a direct confrontation seems to be brewing. You also may feel more empowered in helping others than in getting your own act together, and this aspect can be the sign of someone with a career in the helping professions, perhaps involved with new age healing. It is often the case that the powerful emotions associated with this aspect hover below the level of conscious awareness in your psyche. As you become more aware of these patterns, you will less and less need to act them out either suppressed with passivity, or with bluster. Another manifestation of this aspect, perhaps paradoxically, is the ability to lead and be willful, to not take "no for an answer", to be ruthless in accomplishing one's aims. A better level of integration produces a newly self-assured personality whereby you do not depend on others either to fully express your own desires, nor to be swayed by theirs. When you have integrated the walled-off places in your psyche that inhibit action on the part of your whole entire self, you are available to yourself in situations of leadership, as well as in truly helping other people.


Mercury in strong conjunction with Pluto: This conjunction gives a sharp and penetrating mind, together with unusually clear and direct communication skills. You are likely to be quite interested in the occult, or other hidden and potentially taboo areas of thought. As a matter of fact, you tend to see into the deeper aspects of any subject matter that you might single out for study, and are able to discourse forcefully upon it. You may however become so focused on the emotional charge with which you hold these ideas that you lose a certain sense of perspective regarding them. In other words, you can be compulsively attached to your communication or the results of your mental process, so that there is a danger that you may feel yourself to be correct in what you say, in spite of what others may think. You might also need to be aware of a tendency to be manipulative in your dealings with other people, since you have a forceful will in association with your powers of speech and communication. You can be a great source of inspiration when you use your powers of insight and expression responsibly, enabling you to share your gift with humanity.

Jupiter in strong conjunction with Saturn: This conjunction gives a serious and conscientious personality. You are strong morally, and likely to be socially active. You are quietly ambitious with a good sense about you that impresses other people. You make an excellent manager, and have a strong drive to achieve success, with a talent for working with the public. You also tend to be extremely careful with money. You may have difficulties with the material side of life, but you have the capacity for hard work that will help you to overcome such difficulties. You desire to be a force for good in society. If you live up to this ideal, you will be a natural leader, being optimistic, yet practical, and possessing excellent judgment. For the early part of your life you may tend to hide your light under a basket; your powers are likely to grow as you mature. Jupiter in strong sextile with Chiron: With this placement you have a strong connection with spirituality and a great tendency to go your own way rather than subserve yourself to the spiritual ideals of human consciousness. You also may have been wounded in your spirituality in some way; perhaps in your early life you were forced into relationship with some sort of spiritual community to which you did not feel a deep bond. These two planetary energies, Jupiter and Chiron, both have a strong spiritual component, but operate in different ways. With Jupiter's optimism in support of Chiron's tendency for pain and suffering as a way toward the light, you are always able to rise above distressing circumstances, buoyed up by a strong streak of faith in the ultimate beneficence of Spirit. In fact, positive outlooks can become something of an obsession with you, so that friends and associates get tired of your unflagging optimism even though you are such a helpful companion. You have an abiding interest in matters of religion and philosophy, although this is likely to represent your own style of spiritual involvement rather than any standard form of spiritual institutions. Sun in square with Moon: This aspect gives a willful and strong-minded individual. There may be two sides to your approach to life, which do not always blend harmoniously: your will and your instinctual self. There is an emotional side to your nature that does not easily integrate with your sense of purpose or will power. You have a high energy level and good intelligence, and are very aware and alert, but you may feel a conflict between your public and private lives or the work you set out to accomplish versus more personal goals. You may have experienced your parents as inharmoniously related to each other and therefore may have a tendency toward argument and conflict in your own interpersonal relationships. There is a creative tension in your relationships, and also internally within your own personality, that may lead you to accomplish much in life, through the path of struggle rather than the path of ease and comfort.

Sun in trine with Midheaven: This aspect gives a strong personality, very involved in work and career. You can be autocratic and may appear selfish, or bent on getting your own way. You have a terrific sense of the positive value of achievement, and will likely go far, but you might need to beware of too much ego-involvement in being on top.

Moon in semi-square with Ascendant: This aspect between the Moon and Ascendant gives a nurturing and protective personality. You are subtle in your actions, rather than direct, and are likely to reflect the moods of those around you. Your sense of security and your home are important to you. You have a habit of moodiness, with your emotions frequently changing, and this can create problems in relating to others. You may feel at a loss to connect with others, not being sure of how they really feel towards you, and yet secretly desiring emotional contact with them. You also tend to act instinctively, rather than after reasoning out the situation. You can therefore benefit from shedding the light of conscious reason on your habitual patterns, and working toward greater focus on your true goals.

Mercury in square with Mars: This aspect greatly increases your mental energies, and gives you a personality that is intelligent, ambitious and aggressive. You can be opinionated, or perhaps quarrelsome and argumentative, and you may be nervous or ill-tempered. You are likely to jump to conclusions. You have a sharp tongue and a ready wit, and you may tend to find fault with other people or hurt their feelings by being unnecessarily outspoken. You are determined and intelligent, and will go far in life, especially when you learn to value the opinions of others.

Mars in square with Saturn: You may be reserved or controlling, and may even appear cruel or manipulating at times. This aspect gives a deepening and concentration, or blockage, in self-confidence and self-expression. The purposeful articulation of your will may be inhibited by subconscious fears, preventing action, and you may appear shy, stiff or awkward, or perhaps self-effacing, or you may overcompensate by attempting to strongly assert yourself, or to seize control of situations. In extreme situations, you may find yourself expressing actual cruelty by the violent imposition of your will or by mental manipulation, or you may experience it from others. In a man's chart, there may be symptoms of exaggerated maleness, such as emotional domination or recklessness. You possess a strong desire for freedom of expression that does not easily find its realization. Your lesson is in striving to overcome your fears of self-expression, and thus come to a better understanding of yourself and others.

Mars in trine with Ascendant: This aspect gives an active, out-going and self-confident personality. You are daring and have great physical vitality and stamina. You are likely to possess a wiry and spare physique. You are also probably athletic and hard working, perhaps argumentative, and you can definitely "hold your own" in a dispute. You may be so independent that you seem not to care for the opinion of anyone else! Your confidence, independence and will power inspires others. You need physical activity as an outlet for your abundant energy.

Saturn in sextile with Chiron: With this aspect, you may have a tendency be rigid or stuck in situations; unbending. You have an attachment and also great difficulty with authority. You may have suffered through potentially painful experiences as a child, when you were forced to submit to an arbitrary authority or limitation of some kind. The relationship with your father may have been damaged in some way; perhaps it was a relationship you had to get away from, either from his overbearing nature or from his neediness and lack of presence. With this aspect, you need to make your own form of personal authority, independent from the parental influences or that of society. This gives you the potential for great strength and leadership, if you can integrate your powerful and perhaps repressed emotions regarding your concept of authority. In this way you can become an exemplar for others. You may be one to re-work the structure of society itself in some way, or to become an advisor or even a leader in the social sphere.

Pluto in inconjunct with Ascendant: This aspect gives a willful personality with a focus on being recognized and admired. You like to get your way. You have strong desires, and are single-minded about pursuing them. You have a powerful urge toward self-transformation, and may go through many changes in your life. You are not shy about expressing your beliefs, and may show a compulsion toward self-assertion and self-aggrandizement. There is an intense urge to transcend all barriers to self-realization that will lead you through many trials and ultimately to triumph if you persist. You have tremendous powers of regeneration and rebirth that may lead you through underlying feelings of insecurity and out the other side. You tend to champion the underdog, and react strongly to social injustice. When you learn to train your considerable energy on socially oriented rather than purely personal goals, you can become a focal point for the transformation of society.



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