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Samhain Blessings ~ Ancestor Oracle Reading

Blessings, lovelies! Here's our Ancestor Reading for this most interesting Samhain 2020 from the Witches' Wisdom deck by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free & Flavia Kate Peters.

  1. What do I need to hear from my ancestors right now?

  2. What do my ancestors want me to release?

  3. What ancestral gifts should I channel now?

  4. How can I better connect with my ancestors?

  5. Message of support from my ancestors:

1. Spell ~ Manifestation

Make a wish, or cast a spell.

Your magic works so very well.

This is a good time for you to work spells, for magick abounds. Your manifestation abilities are heightened and magickal energy runs through all you put your focus on. Be transparent about your wishes, and take into consideration any consequences that may occur.

2. Lord/God ~ Masculine

This card is asking us to release the negative aspects of being male: aggression, toughness, and driving forward with thoughtlessness. We are being asked to connect more with our feminine side: intuitive, nurturing, and caring. Let your feelings guide you.

3. Spirit ~ Initiation

Could it be well to go alone,

or join a coven, what is shown?

Spirit calls you to be true.

The choice is yours, it's up to you.

Spirit contains the substance of all that exists; it is the "unmanifest multiverse".

Take a moment to look at where and how your connection with Spirit lies most strongly. Perhaps you feel a oneness with Spirit as you look up to the stars and feel the magick of the night sky. Don't worry about what others are doing; be true to your natural self.

4. Samhain ~ Death

Through veil, whilst thin, this very night.

Protection placed, no need for fright.

Crone welcomes you and all you bring.

Wisdom awaits, now look within.

You have been avoiding the metaphorical death that is in your midst. Change is afoot, and you've been desperately clinging to your old self, all of which you know too well, for fear of losing your identity. You must understand that to die to the old will only escalate you to where you truly desire to be. Time to let go and surrender to the new life that awaits.

5. Cloak ~ Concealment

Release all fears and any doubt.

No longer hide, you must come out!

Slip off the cloak, commit, stand proud.

A Witch revealed, walk from the crowd.

You have been hiding in the shadows, too afraid to reveal your true nature and beliefs. Your cloak-and-dagger routine can conceal you no longer, for you are being called to come out of the broom closet and stand proud. When you step into alignment with the Witch within, the ancestors will support you fully. Be safe in the knowledge that you can no longer be physically persecuted for being a sage, mystic, occultist, Witch.


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