Stanley Park 'Babes in the Woods' Cold Case

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

"One day in 1947, the story goes, someone took two small children wearing leather aviator caps deep into Stanley Park [Vancouver, B.C.]. The children were murdered with a roofer's hatchet, their bodies placed together and covered with a cheap fur coat. Six years later, a parks board gardener named Mr. Tong was digging around in the leaves near Beaver Lake when he came across the fur coat and the two small skeletons underneath it. The heel of a woman's shoe that was found underneath one of the bones led investigators to believe the murderer had most probably been a woman." (Vexacon, 2012).

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The Babes in the Woods case has fascinated a multitude of bloggers, podcasters and writers for decades. In preparation for my appearance on the Riddle Me That! True Crime Podcast (@PodcastRiddle), a weekly True Crime Podcast which takes a deep dive into the facts of unsolved cases, disappearances, and mysteries hosted by Jules, who is a lover of all things true crime and has her PhD in Psychology--which is near and dear to my heart as I am back in college after 20+ years to also attain my Psychology degrees--I have prepared a psychic reading for this case, as well as a high-level forensic astrological chart interpretation below.

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(in the order the information was received before I knew any facts or information about the case)

  1. Feel like the children were a little older (8-10 yo).

  2. I'm not sure about the time frame of the murder, I want to say the late 1940s, early 1950s.

  3. I got "5" (May, 5th of a month, etc.) and March when I asked for numbers and a month related to the case.

  4. My first "picture" was of The Green Mile scene, with the little girls, so I'm inclined to believe the children were related, or close friends. Also, this was a stranger murder. I got the guy was an outsider, a drifter.

  5. At one point, the police (not sure which location) had this man in custody--either for these murders or for something else.

  6. Physical characteristics of the murderer: White male, 6'0"+, regular build, squarish face, blue eyes, reddish sandy blonde hair, most of the time bearded, but when I initially saw him, he was clean-shaven at the time of these murders. He has a distinguishing mark on his left hand, between the thumb and forefinger (tattoo or scar). I see him wearing coveralls. I feel like he came from an industrial area, and may have worked in a factory. If the time frame was during WWII, or he was alive and an adult, I see him working in a factory that manufactured weapons.

  7. I do get the sense that he is a serial. I saw a little boy, 6 yo, in Oregon that matches the M.O. that this man also killed.

  8. I kept seeing Idaho, but besides Oregon, I don't feel like he strayed too far from B.C. I looked on a map, and Creston, B.C. popped out. Perhaps he, or someone related to this case, lived there?

  9. That boy was white, an only child, and had a bowl cut. The murderer also killed the boy in the woods. I can see a local paper with his photo on the front page. (Maybe something to research once I get the dates from you).

  10. When I focused on the photo of the hatchet, I see a man and a woman. I feel woozy, and sense drugs may have been used by both people, and possibly the children were drugged. I see the murders as sloppy, and not planned. I feel they were not murdered in the park, but brought there afterwards. I feel that one of the boys was still alive, but assumed deceased when they were brought there. Although these murders were horrific, I don't feel or see any pleasure derived at the time of the murders by the perpetrators. I feel this was a crime of convenience, fueled by a sense of feeling trapped and underlying mental health issues.


In addition to a psychic reading, I use tarot cards to give me a little more insight into the cases on which I work. For this one, I got the Ten of Pentacles, King of Pentacles, and the Seven of Swords. I also drew a shadow (dark parts of this guy) card and received The Hanged Man.

  • The suit of Pentacles represents the element of Earth, so I feel he had a strong connection to the land and the places he killed. I also felt that he fantasised about his next murder well before he committed it. I see him receiving pleasure from having their lives in his hands...inspiration, action, death.

  • The Seven of Swords' imagery stuck with me, especially the two swords in the ground, not the five he's carrying. I'm not sure why, so I may need to dig a little deeper. Could be a landmark, or represent his family members--not sure. This is also a card that indicates betrayal, stealth, cunning, deception, cheating and sneakiness. This man was no dummy. My analysis: If he would have had the opportunity for an education, I feel like he could have been a doctor, or had a career at that level. He feels that intelligent, and his patients would have had much confidence in him.

  • The Hanged Man indicates that this "sacrifice" was made in order to move towards a new life plan because the parties felt stagnant and trapped, which caused them to be irrational and indecisive. This also confirms for me that the male involved in the commission of these murders was an outsider and not a long-standing member of that community.


For the record, my astrological education is in its infancy. Hence, chart interpretation is new to me, and the information below is very high-level information, and at the level of my understanding thus far. I did not include the subtleties of degrees, nodes, etc., so if you happen to be a seasoned astrologer, apologies. If this were an active case I was working with law enforcement, I would definitely include that information in my reading.

If you'd like a crash course in forensic astrology before reading further, you can read my Forensic Astrology 101 post.

Without knowing the exact date and time of the murders or exact time when the remains were discovered, I created a sunrise chart for the day the remains were found:

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1H: Physical Appearance of the Subject

  • Sun in Capricorn: Capricorn rules the bones and teeth to parallels the fact that the boy's bones were found. Money is also an important aspect of Capricorn; this crime may have been motivated by financial reasons, or an exchange of money may have transpired. The sun in the first house can indicate a "me me me" type of personality, which could explain a possible motive if the mother was the murderer: She could have felt overwhelmed for caring for the boys and had money issues. She may have felt this horrific crime was her only escape from all the responsibility. The mother may have been the daughter of an upper-class family, and had lost her way in life.

  • North Node in Aquarius (Retrograde): An individual involved with this murder was focused on their own selfhood. They've had people been dependent on others, and now they wanted to depend on only themself. That would compound the sun in the first house energy from above.

Because the first house can show us what was in front of the victim at the time, I'm going with the obvious: Capricorn represents a goat, which could indicate the name of a building, street, or animals. Aquarius represents water which confirms the location of Stanley Park--it's surrounded by water.

2H: Victim of Trafficking?

  • Venus in Pisces: With this placement in the second house, a person would have a fondness for the material things in life. A person involved in this crime many have had these characteristics and may have been a motivating factor in the crime (that's the second time this theme appears). Venus in Pisces also indicates a person who is idealistic about love and wounded by their understanding of it. They may have had many relationships, or stayed in a bad relationship, hoping it would get better.

  • Mars in Pisces: A person with these placements can be jealous, possessive, and stubborn. We have Venus (F) and Mars (M) in Pisces, which feels representative of the mother and a male who figures into this crime. If there was an exchange of money to complete this crime or something of monetary value traded for it, that could be the "trafficking" aspect that this house represents. This male also enjoyed the finer things in life, but he was withdrawn, moody, introspective, and tended to resent and be discontented with society.

3H: Arguments, Communication, Vehicle(s) Used in the Commission of the Crime

This house does not have any planets, but it is ruled by Aries. Because that sign represents the element of fire, and the characteristics are intense, passionate, bold, selfish, impulsive, hotheaded and reckless, I can postulate that indicates an argument was a factor in the crime. Also, if and what kind of vehicle was used. Even though the RAM brand did not exist until 2009, Chrysler did in the 1940s. My feeling is that a pickup of some kind was used, or a Chrysler vehicle. Another possibility is that a vehicle that was used had a ram symbol for the hood or grill ornament,

4H: Family Members Involved

  • Taurus in Jupiter: The family members related to the boys were loving, kind, caring, and friendly. They were generous with their time and worked well with the public. They tended to be popular and ran in upper-class social circles. They also attracted material rewards without working for them too hard (possible investment dividends, or an inheritance). They had a deep appreciation for their home, and again, the material side of their life. They had a gift for making money, so maybe one of the banking, shipping, or railroad families that did well in the 1930s-40s in Vancouver. One of the people enjoyed food and may have been corpulent. These people did not take risks, and because they were financially secure, they were more interested in cultural activities.

5H: Festivity or Celebratory Event

The fifth house is also void of planet placements, but it is influenced by Gemini in this chart. From the Astrology 101 from above, this house represents if some festivity, partying, or celebratory event was happening at the time. Gemini represents the twins, so I don't feel a large party was taking place on the day the remains were found, or that more than two people were involved with the perpetration of these murders.

6H: Normal Routine Disruption / Stalker

  • Uranus in Cancer (Retrograde): The person's physical health is not good--they do have health problems and may have chosen unorthodox treatments to manage them. This person had volatile emotions, which may indicate some mental health issues as well. This person changed jobs often, but was a hard worker. When growing up, their home life could have been challenging, and they may have moved around often. Their parents were very busy with their business, so the children were left to be cared for by others, or just left on their own often.

Even though this house represents if another person disrupted the victim's normal routine, or indicate if a stalker was involved (McIntosh), I don't get that feeling with this case.


  • South Node in Leo (Retrograde): The South Node represents the ‘unacknowledged self’, the ‘dark side’ we all have that is often hardest to see in ourselves (Gunn, 2013). Leo is the sign of rulers and leaders. People with their Sun in Leo are bold, dramatic, exuberant. The shadow side of this sign are individuals who are overly dramatic, self-centred, egomaniacal, bossy, vain, demanding, and overbearing (Reed, 2019). Because these characteristics fall in this Details of the Crime house (appearance of the perpetrator(s) & possible motivation), I would speculate the male perpetrator may have had dark blonde or sandy brown hair, with a wide nasal bridge & nose, prominent cheekbones, and almond-shaped eyes. I would also guess that this person may have been going through a depressive time where their shadow side was front and centre--dominating, demanding, and willful. Because this person felt like they should have been a leader or prominent in society, but did not achieve that status because of life circumstances. Having the boys alive, that would have been a major motivation behind these murders. Their ego drive was potent due to a lack of societal recognition and respect.

  • Pluto in Leo (Retrograde): People with this placement would have difficulty in partnerships or romantic relationships, wants to be liked by others, but often has power struggles with their partners. Often ends up in relationships with manipulative personality types. This person had a tremendous desire to be recognised and admired, which originated from underlying feelings of insecurity, leading to ego-oriented behaviour. This person was charismatic and wanted to make an impact in their world. This person was also creative or artistic. This person sought out to live their life through their children, at times recognising their own unconscious impulses in their children.

8H: If the Person is Deceased, How They Died

This house is also void of planet placements, but Virgo influences it. This sign, with its element of earth, confirms the boys are deceased. This element also points to how they died. In this case, they may have been alive after sustaining the initial injuries, buried under the pile of dirt and leaves. This person was also clean, picky, practical, and perfectionistic, so that may be why the boys were covered with the fur coat. From a psychological profiling aspect, the covering of the bodies with the fur coat indicates care and possible remorse for the murders.

9H: Travel or Moving of the Body

This house is also void of planet placements, but it is influenced by Libra, which is representative of the Justice card in the tarot. This sign seeks fairness and balance (and happens to be my sun sign). Its element is air, which has to do with thinking and intellect. Libra's shadow side can be indecisive, passive-aggressive, and avoid conflicts at all costs. Because of that energy, I don't believe the bodies were moved; I feel the boys were not murdered in the park. Shortly after the crime, the perpetrator may have travelled by air, because the eighth house represents physical travel. This house also rules higher education, so I believe one or more of the people involved with this crime had some college, or trade school education.

10H: If the Story is Public / Crime Was Witnessed

Indicates if the story will become public, and/or if the crime was witnessed—shows how law enforcement or the government handle(d) the case. Also gives information about the authority figures in the victim's life. We already know this was a prominent story in Vancouver, BC at the time, but let's see if that's confirmed by the planets...

  • Neptune in Libra: This placement indicates a desire to bring justice and restore balance to the chaos and illusions of the victim's Neptune energy. The main goal is to eliminate confusion and come up with a viable answer that suits everyone.

  • Saturn in Libra: They can see both sides of an issue and determine the just outcome. They take their time to weigh the pros and cons of everything before rendering their final verdict. This can be very helpful in dealing with other people’s problems (or stories). On a personal level, they become nervous and anxious when it comes to family or friends. If they are to keep their social circle close, they have to take more decisive action.

I'll concede this may be confirmation bias, but I do believe these placements could indicate that the story would have become public if this was a new case. Because of the personal Saturn in Libra information, I don't believe this crime was witnessed by anyone.

11H: Knowledge of Crime by the Subject's Friends

This house is also void of planet placements, but it is influenced by Lot of Spirit in Scorpio. The Lot of Spirit is associated with the mental and spiritual and social exchanges (Anthony, 2012), and Scorpio's shadow side can be over-bearing, intolerant, secretive, and jealous.

Because this house indicates if friends of the person know what happened, I feel that someone did know, or maybe themselves had a feeling from verbal or non-verbal cues from the perpetrator, that this crime was going to take place.

12H: If the Subject is Buried, Hidden, or Kidnapped

This house indicates if the person will be found (not likely), if they are found in an enclosed area, hidden, buried, or kidnapped.

  • Moon in Capricorn: Capricorns have a desire for structure and control, but can have plenty of mood swings and some dark emotions. They can also be critical, especially of themselves. Capricorn is all about structure, organisation, being practical and responsible. The moon represents emotions, unconscious behaviours, and to some, the "hidden" knowledge of our intuition.

  • Mercury in Capricorn: Mercury represents siblings, communication, logic, intelligence and mental activities. There's still the Capricorn energy in play here of structure and organisation.

  • Chiron in Capricorn: Chiron is an asteroid, and is known as the "wounded healer". It also represents vulnerability and turning points in life.



If I was interpreting this information for a new case, I would conclude that the subjects were buried (moon and Chiron), and that they were in or near a structure (building, shed, an outcropping of rocks, a grouping of trees, etc.) and that there may have been a hidden message or clue that the place itself would give. In this case, the bodies were discovered in Stanley Park, which represents families, fun, nature, and spending time together. Perhaps one of the murderers felt guilty for the crime and staged the boys in the park as a way to "undo*" these horrific murders that left a small family shattered and a community heartbroken.

*Another concept sometimes encountered in crime scene profiling or analysis is undoing. This is a behavioural pattern evident at the scene in which the offender tries to psychologically “undo” the crime. For example, a distraught or emotionally upset offender, who kills the victim, may try to undo his or her actions by placing the body in bed, perhaps even resting the head on a pillow, and covering the body with blankets. The perpetrator also may place the victim upright in a chair, trying desperately to return the victim to a natural-looking state. Very often, such an offender had a close relationship with the victim (Bartol and Bartol, 2012).



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